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The Mercenary Chef Enterprises LLC is a full-scale Custom Catering Company that excels in Granting Phenomenal Memories on bite at a time

Asian Cuisine

The Mercenary's MISSION

To Share all the wonderful things, I've learned throughout my career. I've found that when we use a personable setting, that's free for creativity and passion, this creates a far better experience & environment for dining. It's like being in the restaurant alone with the chef, free to explore all your dining desires. 


 Here we cook and break all the rules...nothing is traditional, when you're being fed by The Mercenary Chef ENT. LLC

Origins of the Mercenary Chef

My Name is: Chef Nathan "Shotgun" Madison

Our story begins in Dundalk, MD 1994, I was 6 at the time. I lived in a 6-person household with 2 younger twin brothers, an older sister, mom and Dad. We were poor, but we were "happy poor". Unfortunately, for us my father was about to have a heart attack followed by two strokes. This broke the family, trying as she must; with no other family support my mother couldn't take care of us. We were all in foster care by june 1995. 11 foster families, 4 group homes and 4 residential homes later. I had no idea what family even felt like. Just another broken person in society with no reason to apply myself in any way. Things changed one spring in 10th grade, that day I hooked school with my friends but today we went to Hunt Valley, an area i never seen before. I Can remember so clearly I can still smell fresh bread and the scent of soups as I walked into my first wegmans.  I walked around the whole store, I was from a very poor area called Park Heights nothing like this was ever even a thought. As I navigated this new world I discovered I felt healing. Understanding that I was like food, capable of transformation. That all I lacked was creativity. So, I graduated and enrolled in culinary school right away. I graduated from Baltimore International College in 2009 with a Professional cooking degree. I hit the ground running, I worked several cooking jobs, trying to learn as much as possible. I had finally found a way out, shattering the pains of poverty and gaining value in my own life. Culinary arts is the reason I'm not a statistic and why it's so important to teach children they can too. I studied side by side with sushi, Thai, Latin, Italian, French and soul chefs in my career. I changed jobs every 2 to 3 years so I could be a fine dining chef, volume, Caterer, hospital chef etc... Now I have had over 7 Executive level titles in Commercial Hospitality, 18 years consistent service and 12 years in middle to executive level chef positions. Now I'm ready to share my love and passion one plate at a time, because when we dine together, we all are family. 

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Salmon Fillet


Hot Off the Oven


4X Braided Mandarin Glazed Salmon


Belgium Waffles w/ candied watermelon, G. Delicious Apple w/ Carmel Macchiato glaze


Pesto Bacon Wrapped Scallops w/Candied Pistachios

Wooden Kitchen Utensils


In today’s fast-moving world, hosting and cooking can be a tiring, stressful chore. The Mercenary Chef Enterprises LLC offers a variety of tailor-made services that will make your life easier. Take a look below to learn more.

Cutting Lime

Cooking Classes



Ready to Serve


Exceptional Service

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Recipe for Success

Holding Hands
Awesome food!! Great Service

Stephanie Page, Baltimore MD

Outdoor Dinner


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